Teruo Yorita
Tule Lake

Brick #1205   Wall Location  Column: 69   Row: 31

Born 3/6/45 as fourth son to Toshiteru and Misayo Yorita in Tule Lake. After the war, family went back to Japan (Hiroshim) and returned to US in 1956.

He joined USMC 1964, served in Viet Nam 1966 to 1967 (13 months) with 3rd Battalion, 26 Marine Regiment and was involved in number of combat actions in Khe Sahn, Con Tien, Phu Bai and other Quang Tri Province.

Separated from USMC in 1968, subsequently attended University of Oregon (BA) and enrolled at University of Washington, Graduate Program (not completed).

After his academic studies, and in 1975, he made Banking as his career in California, retiring in 2004. He and his wife, Takako, relocated to Seattle area for their retirement life.

He now lives in Kent, Washington with Takako, his pet dog Taro, and enjoying his "retirement life".

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