Harry Isamu Sato
Tule Lake

Brick #1372   Wall Location  Column: 40   Row: 27

Born at Tule Lake on June 16, 1945. Family moved to Oyster Bay in Olympia WA in 1948. Attended Griffin School, Olympia High School, and the University of Washington. Previous residences include Kirkland, WA, and Honolulu, Hawaii. Currently living in Seattle, WA, employed by the City of Seattle as a Senior Management Systems Analyst.

Father, Susumu Sato passed away on Sept 14, 2000.
Sister, Dorothy Hiroko (Sato) Brooks passed away March 4, 2002.
Mother, Mabel Miyoko Sato, Lacey WA.
Sister, Nancy Sachiko (Sato) Wicker, Lacey, WA.
Sister, Marian Teruko (Sato) Pinces, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
Brother, William Hideo Sato, Kirkland, WA.
Sister, Sharon Reiko Sato, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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