Gloria Hyodo Tsuboi

Brick #1453   Wall Location  Column: 56   Row: 27

Gloria Tsuboi was a devoted wife to her husband, Henry, and was also a devoted mother to her daughters, Sharlene and Stacy. She struggled with Lupus for many years, but she never complained and served as the core foundation of the family.

Gloria can best be described as selfless. She did everything for the people around her, always putting her needs last. Prior to her passing (and unbeknownst to her children), she spent the summer preparing for her death. She organized the house, provided important paperwork to her daughters, and she even taught them how to cook. Despite feeling ill, she cooked and served dinner to her family the night before she passed away.

Gloria’s unconditional love and outlook on life positively influenced those around her. Although she did not live long enough to meet her grandchildren (Marissa, Brianna, and Chloe), a piece of her spirit continues to live on in each of them, and she will never be forgotten!

  • Minidoka