Isamu Kikuchi

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Isamu was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming on October 25, 1912 to Shoemon and Tori (Settsu) Kikuchi. He was the second of five siblings (Iwao, Takeo, Henry, and Miyuki). Isamu was sent to Japan during his childhood for his education along with his brother Takeo. He returned to Seattle, Washington when he was fifteen years of age. During his teen years he worked in the canneries in Alaska.

Isamu was drafted into the U.S. Army in March of 1942, soon after the outbreak of World War II. After completing basic training at Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, Arkansas, Isamu was assigned to the Quartermaster Corps. He served as a cook at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. After being medically discharged while stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison, he spent the remaining years of the war in the Minidoka Relocation Center.

While in Minidoka, Isamu met his future wife Marian (Ohno). They were married in Twin Falls, Idaho on December 15, 1943.

After the war, Isamu worked as a cook and handyman at the Men's University Club for over 30 years before retiring.

Isamu and Marian were happily married over 54 years until he passed away on February 5, 1998 while mall walking. He is survived by his wife Marian (Ohno), sons Jim (Matsue), George (Brenda), Frank, a daughter, Joyce, grandchildren Michael, Jennifer (great-grandchild Dylan), Marc (Petra, great-grandchildren Ella, Sophia, and Grace).

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