Kei (Nigorizawa) Hikida

Brick #338   Wall Location  Column: 40   Row: 12

January 19, 1906 to February 19, 1996. Born as Keiko Nigorizawa in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Immigrated with her two brothers and parents to their farm in Kirkland in 1921. Married Heitaro Hikida on August 26, 1926. Mother of Raymond M., Irene E., Julia Y., Gloria K., Joyce M., and Allan M. Internment was at Minidoka, Block 19. Returned to the Seattle area in fall of 1945. Became a naturalized citizen in 1953. A devoted and active member of the Japanese Congregational Church. Her faith and her family were a central part of her life.

Assembly Centers
  • Puyallup
  • Minidoka
Brick Donors
  • Jimmy Yoshinaka
  • Gloria Yoshinaka