Kinemon Morisaki

Brick #3674   Wall Location  Column: 96   Row: 6

Kinemon Morisaki was born May 25, 1886 the eldest of 4 sons consisting of one 1/2 brother and two step brothers on the family farm in Yasu, Fukuoka Ken Japan. He grew up on the farm and in 1904 signed a two year work contract along with his two step brothers and went to Hawaii to work on a sugar plantation on the island of Maui. After their contract was fulfilled, one brother stayed in Hawaii and one migrated to California with Kinemon going to Canada to work on the railroad as a cook. He later immigrated to Seattle in the State of Washington and opened a shoe repair business. Around 1918, he sold his business and invested as a partner in the Diller Hotel located on first and University near the Pike Street Market. He went to Japan in 1919 to marry Haru IDE from Saga Ken, Japan and brought her to Seattle where their daughter Hatsunne was born in 1920. He sold his share in the hotel and started a farm in Fife, Washington where his son George was born in 1922, son Harry in 1924 and last son John in 1935. His daughter Hatsunne after graduating from High School went to Japan in 1939 to attend school where she got married to an Army Officer and passed away in 1943 from illness in Manchuria where her husband was stationed. The family was interned at Minadoka until they were approved for early release in 1943 to farm in Notus, Idaho where they remained until returning to Seattle in 1947. He opened a shoe repair shop and worked there until his death in 1956. His greatest legacy is the grandchildren left behind, 2 sons Kay and Bobby, 2 daughters Karen and Jill from his son George, 2 daughters Coleen and Cheryl from his son Harry and 1 daughter Karleen from his son John.

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