Kumajiro Tom Ishino

Brick #381   Wall Location  Column: 106   Row: 28

Kumajiro Ishino, Tom, was born Kumajiro Yanagihara in Ueda, Nagano-ken, Japan 1872. He was the second son of Kouwa and Rui Yanagihara. He had an older brother Yutaro, a younger brother Shizue and three sisters, Ichi, Nao and Tetsu. Kumajiro sailed for America in 1902 at age 30. He met Rinzo Ishino on the voyage and together bound their futures. Kunajiro returned to Japan at age 43 (1915) and married Rinzo Ishino’s niece, Harue Kato. In Japan, Tokyo, Chiba-ken, Harue birthed Yoshitomo Ishino, Roy, on October 31, 1916. Kumajiro and his family sailed for Seattle around 1917 where in 1918, Yasuye was born, followed by Yukie in 1920 and Joe 1922. Harue died from septicemia 10 days after Joe’s birth. Devastated, he wrote his family and Renzo’s family for help raising his children so that he could concentrate on work. New born, Joe, was too young to risk sailing. He was placed with Mary Knoll orphanage in Seattle. In 1923, age 51, Kumajiro returned to Japan with Roy, Yasuye and Yukie. Roy was dropped off in Tokyo with the Kato family and Yukie and Yasuye were sent to live with the Yanagihara’s where upon Kumajiro returned to Seattle and work. On Sept. 1, 1923, Tokyo was hit by an 8.3 magnitude earthquake. 99,330 people died. The Kato’s were left without a way to raise Roy. Roy was sent to Ketchikan to stay with Rinzo Ishino between 1924 through Charles Lindbergh’s famous flight. By that time, Kumajiro called the family back to Seattle. Yasuye died at age 7 around 1925 after contracting pleurisy. Kumajiro was 61 when he was interned at Minidoka.

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