Harry Torao Sakohira
U.S. Army - 442nd R.C.T.
World War II

Brick #653   Wall Location  Column: 36   Row: 26

Pfc Harry T Sakohira served in the European Theater of Operations for 15 months, replacing his brother, Todd Sakohira, who was killed in action in Italy, in the same Company G, 442 Regimental Combat Team. Pfc Harry Sakohira distinguished himself in the battle of the Lost Battalion in France, being awarded the Silver Star. Sister Ida Sakohira Kawaguchi, a candy striper in Gila Relocation Center hospital, joined the Cadet Nurse Corp to do her part to support her country.

Harry T. Sakohira, 39080210 Private First Class, Infantry, US Army. AWARD OF SILVER STAR: For gallantry in action, in 23 April 1945, in Italy. Pfc Sakohira, a scout, together with his platoon leader and two other men were working as a group down the reverse side of a newly captured slope to locate hostile strong points. They spotted enemy positions halfway down the hill and immediately assaulted them with hand grenades and guns so efficiently that seven of the well armed enemy were killed, twenty captured and fifteen routed. During this action Pfc Sakohira aggressively silenced one position by firing his M-1 from the hip and silenced an enemy machine gun nest with a hand grenade. He then forced two other enemy soldiers to surrender by pinning them down with accurate fire. Captured hostile equipment included four machine guns, two automatic rifles, nine rifles, one mortar and a considerable amount of ammunition. Pfc Sakohira's enviable combat efficiency exemplifies the highest gallantry of the American Soldier. Entered military service from Sacramento, California.

Harry married Michiko Kunishige in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1943, while he was stationed at Camp Robinson. After the war, they lived in Fresno, California. They raised two daughters, Karen (Sakohira) Matsuda, (who now lives in Seattle, Washington) and Claire Jane (Sakohira) Briscoe (who lives in Clovis, California). Harry had one grandson, Matthew L. Matsuda, who lives in Seattle, Washington.

  • Highest rank attained: Private First Class
  • Position: Infantry
  • Enlisted: 1941 - 1945
  • Silver Star
  • Bronze Star
Branches Of Service
  • U.S. Army
  • World War II
  • G Company
Brick Donors
  • Karen Matsuda
  • Lawrence Matsuda