Henry Y. Tsuboi
U.S. Army 1946-1948

Brick #1614   Wall Location  Column: 31   Row: 26

Henry Tsuboi was a man of few words. He was often misunderstood because of his quiet disposition, though he expressed himself beautifully through written words.

Although Henry and his family were placed in a Japanese American internment camp during World War II, he remained extremely patriotic and proudly displayed a huge American flag on every holiday. His love for the American flag and American eagle did not go unnoticed!

Henry was also very passionate about airplanes and cars. He loved going to air shows and especially enjoyed watching the Blue Angels. It was only fitting that he worked for American Airlines for 25 years as a proud aircraft mechanic.

Henry should best be remembered as a devoted husband, father, and an honest, hard-working man. Despite his struggles with depression, he managed to provide for his wife, Gloria, and his daughters, Sharlene and Stacy. His unconditional love and support positively influenced those around him, and he will never be forgotten.

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  • Enlisted: 1946 - 1948
Branches Of Service
  • U.S. Army