Miju Goto Yoshizumi
Tule Lake

Brick #3701   Wall Location  Column: 71   Row: 5

Miju (Goto) Yoshizumi was born in 1885 in Japan and immigrated to Seattle Washington in 1918. She met her husband Isaku Yoshizumi. They settled in Kent Washington where they grew and sold produce from their land. They raised 3 sons and 3 daughters until the WWII broke out and they were sent to Tule Lake internment camp. The boys would enlist in the 442nd regiment and fought in Europe. The girls would stay with their parents throughout the duration of the war except for the eldest who found work in Chicago. After the war they relocated with Kazue and her husband Yoshitami Ogohara to Spokane Washington and lived with them and the two young boys until she passed in 1961.

Assembly Centers
  • Pinedale
  • Tule Lake
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  • Victor Ogohara