Isaku Yoshizumi
Tule Lake

Brick #3702   Wall Location  Column: 72   Row: 5

Isaku Yoshizumi was born on 1875 in Kyushu, Japan and later immigrated to Seattle, Washington in 1904 he met his wife Miju (Goto) and they settled on a parcel of land where they would sell and live off their farm produce. They had 6 children Kazue, Suyeo, Benjiro,Yukiko,Yoshio, and Sue. They were sent to Tule Lake internment camp during WWII. After the war they relocated to Spokane with their eldest daughter Kazue and her husband Yoshitami Ogohara and their 2 sons Steve and Victor. They would live together in a modest house in south Spokane. They were involved with the Buddhist church and in the 1960's it was located in a converted house where the reverend resided. Isaku was a skilled carpenter and helped build the butsudan (Buddhist shrine) in the house, until it was moved to the former Liberty Heights Baptist church on north Perry St around 1965. Isaku passed in 1955 of natural causes.

Assembly Centers
  • Pinedale
  • Tule Lake
Brick Donors
  • Victor Ogohara