Kyushiro "John" Homma

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At the age of 17, Kyushiro and his 45 years old father, Hisaichi, travel to America and settled in Hollywood, CA. They came to the USA via San Francisco on Aug, 1, 1917 on the ship SS Persia Maru. His older brother, Yorozu, had a house in Hollywood. Eventually Hisaichi returned to Japan to tend to the farm. After WWII, Yorozu and his wife would return to Hamamatsu, Japan to take care of the property.

After arriving in America, Kyushiro attended Hollywood Japanese Independent Church. On January 31, 1924, Kyushiro graduated from Hollywood High School. He continued his education at USC and graduated from USC Dental School on June 8th 1929. Kyushiro liked to play basketball and attending USC football games. He had several friends that played on the USC football team.
In 1931, Kyushiro met Mutsu Wada at his dental office. They became friends and were married in Nov 1933. Kyushiro would take Yasushi to USC football games. Thus, Yasushi was a lifelong USC football fan.

Dr. Kyushiro and Mutsu had three children while they lived in West LA. After Pearl Harbor the family was forced to relocate. The family went to Santa Anita Assembly Center then to Amache Internment Camp in Colorado. Dr. Kyushiro Homma died in Amache Internment camp in Aug of 1944 at the age of 44.

Assembly Centers
  • Santa Anita
  • Amache