Mutsu (Wada) Homma

Brick #428   Wall Location  Column: 71   Row: 24

Mutsu Wada Homma was born in Tono, Iwate-Ken, Japan on June 19, 1911. she moved to the United States in 1929 to support her Baptist Missionary father. Mutsu helped develop a Sunday School program at Gardena Valley Baptist Church in California with her father, Rev. Masahiko Wada. While attending USC, School of Music, she met her husband, Dr. Kyushiro Homma, a dentist. Widowed after three years in Amache Relocation Camp, she moved from Colorado to Seattle with her family where she played the organ and piano, directed the choirs, and taught nursery school at Japanese Baptist Church. Mrs. Homma then worked at North American Post newspaper (Hokubei Hochi) as a secretary. In 1981, she retired from the UW East Asian Library. Mrs. Homma enjoyed Tai Chi, flower arrangement, teaching piano, and gourmet Japanese cooking.

Assembly Centers
  • Santa Anita
  • Amache